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Hello everyone! Been quite a while since I've posted any journal entries, and there's been a lot more activity since then. We're getting close to 50,000 pageviews, which is waaaaayyyy more than I ever expected I'd be getting, and I want to say thanks to everyone that's been having a look, and I hope you're pleased with what gets posted in the future.

I've gotten comfortable enough with setting up photos and editing in photoshop to start branching out a bit into other subjects/fetishes that I never really expected to be attempting, and I want to see if any people that happen to browse my gallery have any ideas they want to share for other projects/pictures. This isn't a commission type of thing, it's more of a "Hey, I wouldn't mind seeing something with ______".

If I think I can manage it in SL, I'll see about giving it a try. No guarantees though - sometimes a subject just won't interest me.
I know, 6,000 isn't really a normal milestone, but I was away for a trip when I got to 5,000 so here's my thank you to the various people who stopped by for a peek! Hopefully over the next while I'll be able to start on more interesting pictures - say, with multiple people in more interesting positions. Stuff with a bit more "action". Might even try out actually writing out stuff to give some background on images and all that. Anyways, like I said, thanks!